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B.D.Kale Mahavidyalaya,has been implementing Earn and Learn Scheme since 1995.This Scheme is recentaly known as Padmabhushan Karmveer Bhaurao Patil Earn and Learn Scheme.The funding of Savitribai Phule Pune University and the own share of the college have made the funding avilable for the Earn and Learn Scheme .This scheme provide 45 rupees per hour to the poor ,needy and economically backward students.This scheme helps the student to complete their higher education by fulfilling their basic needs with the help of available financial assistance .At present 52 student in the college are getting benifts of this scheme.Under the Earn and Learn Scheme ,Student works in the office,library and campus of the college .This scheme has played a vital role to fulfill the basic needs of the needy students.The main objectives of the scheme are given bellow


  • Exploit the immense potential of students as a valuable human resource.
  • Involve the students in management and development of the institution.
  • Give students hands on experience and thereby prepare them better for taking up jobs in future.
  • Encourage young students to learn about dignity of Labour.
  • Prevent students from avoidable distractions and engage them in meaningful, positive activities.
  • Reduce dependence of regular ministerial staff whose productivity over a period of time has declined considerably.
  • Achieve better work efficiency at a lesser cost.
  • Enable meritorious and needy students to earn a reasonable amount every month to meet their expenses.

For further Information:- Please contact to the Principle or Mr.Umbare K.G.(Co-ordinator)