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Placement Cell

The college set out to create a special career counseling cell for providing coaching facilities and reading facilities for students so that they would be prepared to face competitive exams and other challenges for getting jobs in various fields.

The college feels confident that if the career counseling cell continues to develop and to receive financial support from the U.G.C., Many students from our cell will gain entry into various services in near future. Many will certainly pass competitive examinations. Many students will happily testify that there are now looking forward a brighter future.

List of the Student who cleared the Net/Set Exam

# Name of the Student Exam Year
1 Prof.Dr. Salve Shashikant Pandurang NET,SET Dec1996,March1997
2 Prof. Kumbar Pravin Chandrakant SET March,2004
3 Prof. Wagmare Amol Popat SET Jan,2006
4 Prof. Shinde Pralhad Suresh NET Dec,2005
5 Prof. Barve Chhaya Dashrath SET Jan,2006
6 Prof. Bhawari Hanumant Laxman NET Jun,2006
7 Prof. Bhawari Hanumant Laxman NET March,2007
8 Prof. Chapate Sandip Bhagu NET Jun,2007
9 Prof. Kedari Vittal Shankar NET DEC,2007
10 Prof. Kumbhar Pravin Chandrakant NET DEC,2008
11 Shri. Bhalerao Nitin Narayan J.R.F. DEC,2008
12 Prof. Kedari Vittal Shankar J.R.F. DEC,2008
13 Prof. Bhawari Hanumant Laxman U.G.C. Rajeev Gandhi,Fellow ship March,1997
14 Shri. Bhawari P.G. M.P.S.C NOV 2011
15 Prof. Bhawari V.V. NET JUN,2011