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NCC(National Cadets Corps)

Students must be having discipline and punctuality. He /She should be aware of the lives of the soldiers who are patrolling on the border round the clock. In order to meet these challenges, the NCC organization was created in 1948, by act of parliament, Govt. of India. Our college has started NCC army unit for fifty cadets in 2007 under 36 MH.BN/NCC, Pune. Prof. Gavhale B V, Lieutenant.

Aims of NCC :-

  • To develop the qualities of the characters, courage, comradeship, discipline leader outlook, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship.
  • To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life including Defense forces and be available for the nation.
  • To create suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up the career in services.

Cardinal of discipline :-

  • Obey with the smile.
  • Be punctual.
  • hard and without fuss.
  • Make no excuses and tell no lies Youth exchange programme Participation in international youth exchange programme with various countries
    (Canada, UK, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka etc.).

Scholarship :-

  • Chief Ministers Scholarship.
  • Maharashtra Govt. Scholarship .
  • Sahara Scholarship.
  • Cadet Welfare Society Scholarship.
  • Shyan Benegal Scholarship.
  • Awards of best cadet's.

Activities of NCC :-

  • Plantation in public places.
  • Arrange Blood Donation Camp.
  • Vountaior in Ganesh Festival.
  • Participation in various Camps arrange by 36 Mah. Batalian.