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  • The date of N. S. S. established in India September :- 1969
  • Department of N. S. S. established in College : - 1991
  • The moto of N. S. S. is : - 'NOT ME BUT YOU '

The Objective OF N.S.S. :-

  • Understand the Community in which they work. ( Adopted village )
  • Identify the needs and Problems in the Community in the Solution of which they can be involved.
  • Develop in themselves a sense of Social and Civic responsibility.
  • Apply their education in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems.
  • Develop Competence required for group living & sharing responsibilities.
  • Gain Skills in mobilizing Community Participation.
  • Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
  • Develop Capacity to meet emergencies & matural disasters.
  • Practice National Intigration.


The goal of N.S.S. is education through Community Service. The purpose is to enrich the student’s personality & deepen his understanding of the social environment in which he lives. I’t should help students to develop an awareness and knowledge of social reality to have concern for the wealth being of the community to undertake appropriate activities design tjo tackle social problems to promote welfare. The objective of NSS therefore. “ Development of the personality of the students through Community Service.”

The Name of Programme in special Camp Activity : -

Social,Economical & Family Survey in adoptesd Villege, Tree Plantation, Villege cleanliness programme.

The name of Programme in University Camp Activity : -

Maitry Camp, Personality & Leadership Development Camp, Digaster Manegment camp, Sahas Camp, Adivashi Student Prerana, Personality Leadership Development Camp, Yuvati Chetana Jagruti Camp etc.

Name of Programme officer 2015-2016 :-

Prof. Jagtap S.K.
Prof.Dr. Borhade M.U.